Shelly G's Gourmet Catering Denver

Do you have an upcoming event and are seeking catering services? If so then all of your answers lie here! Shelly G's offers a wide range of catering specialties along with acting
as a one-stop-shop for any of your event planning needs.

Offering exquisite food is of course a minimum expectation, however where we strive to set ourselves apart from the competition lies in our professional coordination, gracious service, and using nothing but the best locally sourced produce and meat, along with herbs grown and picked from our own garden to ensure food that is exceptional in taste, all while working with you to create menus and service that fits
your TASTE!
       What we do!

Personal Chef

-Nutritional Programs


-Special Occasions
-Private Parties
-Corporate Luncheons
-Trade Shows

Carryout Meals


Cooking Classes

-Private One-On-One's
-Group Classes
-Couples Classes
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Shelly G's In The Community

Volunteering at Elementary School's to teach children about
the importance of knowing cooking as a life skill and teaching
them about the importance of nutrition is one of Shelly G's
BIGGEST Initiatives. If you are a teacher or a parent who
would like to have a chef volunteer at your kids school, call
us and we will happily schedule an appearance for you.

Will Shelly G's be able to accommodate my specific needs?

Yes, whether you're seeking services for residential, special occasions, private parties, corporate luncheons, or corporate events, we have you covered!

Does Shelly G's only work out of certain venues?

No, anywhere you want to have your event, whether it's a certified venue or not, we will be there setting up a beautiful service no matter what the odds. In your home or backyard, neighborhood pool or park, at the office or in the hallway at the office, parking lot concerts or gatherings. etc. You name the time and place, we ensure a memorable experience for you and your guests, inside or out, summer, spring, fall, or winter, making the overall experience for our clients as painless as possible.

Where does Shelly G's prepare the food? and are they licensed?

Whether we are preparing food on-site at your event, or in our kitchen and transporting it to your event, we prepare the food out of a fully licensed and health certified, A+ rated kitchen, or out of our fully licensed mobile kitchen facility that we bring to the site. Shelly G's carries full liability insurance and offers insurance certificates to our clients along with full contracts for any service we provide.

What Types of Service does Shelly G's Offer?

From buffet style, to picnic style, to fine dining, we offer A-Z services. Entire meal drop offs in disposable chaffing dish's, no problem, or if you prefer, we offer drop offs using high end stainless steel chafing dish's and granite platters that you can return the next day or have us come pick up the following day, or even later that same evening. Meals can be called in and carried out, or called in and delivered. We are also proud to announce our grand opening of our new store front at our new upgraded kitchen facility that will be open as of April 14th 2014 where walk in's will be welcome, and we will have a new "Daily Specials" menu for individual to family sized breakfasts, lunch's, and dinners.
Read what some of our customers have written about us
Don Cheatle -- Actor "Iron Man 2 , Iron Man 3, Crash, Hotel Rwanda, Showtime's House of Lies "

" Chef Wakehouse of Shelly G's prepared a delicious, nutritionaly designed meal for my family and I that we very much enjoyed. For great food, service, and professionalism I would definetely reccomend Shelly G's services." -Don Cheatle
John Fielder-- Photographer/Author "Colorado 1870-2000" ​

"Shelly G's barbecue is as good as what I grew up on in North Carolina" - John Fielder
Connie Stevinson -- Owner of Complete Gourmet & Gifts "Up-Scale Kitchen Retail Shop" & Owner of Complete Lifestyles "

I have used Shelly G's services on multiple occasions, the staff is wonderful and the food is phenominal! Chef Wakehouse and Shelly G's did an event at Compleat Gourmet & Gifts that was a HUGE hit with customers AND with Gabby Gourmet, who was hosting a radio show at our store that day. Gabby is from Kansas City (BBQ capital of the world) and said that Shelly G's BBQ sauce is the BEST she has ever tasted! Quite a compliment from a KC native and long-time restaurant reviewer!... -Connie Stevenson
Nate Jackson-- Former Denver Bronco/ Author of "Slow Getting Up" NY Times winner of this year's "National Book Critics Circle Award for fiction​"

"I travel a lot. And when I come home to an empty kitchen, there's only one person I call: Chef Mikey Wakehouse of Shelly G's. He customizes my menu to suit my needs and is always learning my style so that he has menus ready for me that I don't even take a second glance at any more, there always right on point! Every meal i've had has been exceptional, but I especially love their barbeque and big pans of paella for when I have guests over for dinner parties. I don't know what I'd do without Shelly G's. Yes I do: I'd starve." - Nate Jackson